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All Communication Lessons

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This is how we process information today. Dan Adams+1 Obama, the Democrats and Trump Derangement Syndrome Liberals are completely f***ed up in the head. 

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December 12, 2017

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This is how we process information today.

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Dan Adams+1

Obama, the Democrats and Trump Derangement Syndrome Liberals are completely f***ed up in the head.

  • Frank Roberts's profile photo
    Frank RobertsBrad, Clearly you miss the point of Fascism. Jews can be just as Fascistic as non-Jews.Trump is not compared to Hitler because he hates Jews. Trump is compared to Hitler because he loves State Authority. Hates those not in his Tribe, and uses fear of the “Other” to drive forced compliance. For example forcing workers to stand, take their hat off, and put their hand on their heart in unison. 
  • American Restoration's profile photo
    American Restoration+1I suppose the marketplace will decide on this fascist perspective. I’m thinking that there is another movement out and about…. nomoremoralism often masked as wedontcareabouttruthism a subset of…theendjustifiesthemeanism. I’m kinda partial to magaism though lol. 

  • Brad Benedict+Frank Roberts meant as a joke. Do you understand jokes? 

  • Frank Roberts+Brad Benedict “ment as a joke” Interesting. I don’t think it funny to joke about a period of history where more than 20M people died.The fact you can joke about it says a great deal about you.So, what does it say about you. Its says you think it funny that reasonable people compare the Fascism of today with the Fascism on the 30’s.Could you let me in on the joke. What is funny about Fascism? At any time in history? 

  • Frank Roberts+American Restoration Excellent point about the Marketplace deciding.The marketplace always decides in the end. The Information Marketplace decides in the end.The fact that some many claim there is so much “Fake News” is important. Those that claim “Fake News” affects the marketplace for ideas are trying to manipulate the Information Marketplace. They are trying to say that the Marketplace is “Rigged” and they shouldn’t believe it.So, going back to your point about the Marketplace deciding, do you think the average information consumer has the information they need to decide? 

  • American Restoration+Frank RobertsYeah, I do. I think people are aware now that all what they see on line AND ON THE TV may not be entirely accurate and they will need to think about the information they are being given (like in just talking with folks .. you often don’t have the complete truth either).Bottom line .. folks will be skeptical and end up believing what they want to believe and will decide with what they buy and with what they click on and with what they watch. 

  • Frank Roberts+American Restoration Excellent Post. I agree completely.May I add. It all depends on your family of birth.If you were born a White child to a Christian Fundamentalist in Alabama you think Roy Moore and Donald Trump are acceptable because they will outlaw abolition and force everyone to have Christian prayers at public events. (Which is what they want.)If you were born to a Palestinian family, you think Jews have no right to live in Israel.If you were born into a Jewish New York Family you perceive information differently than either Alabama Fundamentalist Christian or Palestinian Muslim.In the marketplace of ideas, one’s selective perception is based on where and to whom they were born more than anything else.Does any of that make sense. 

  • Ron Lewenberg+Frank Roberts people aren’t yelling Mussolini, but Hitler.
    Trump isn’t forcing anyone to stand.
  • Frank Roberts's profile photo
    Frank Roberts+Ron Lewenberg Ron, interesting that you say Trump is not “forcing” anyone to stand.Technically, I’m not sure your correct.Trump says everyone “Should” stand. But, OK. Trump as not proposed a law requiring compliance.The point of the Cartoon was to laugh at Dems and GOP for calling Trump and Netanyahu “Hitler.” How can Trump be Hitler if he is helping the Jews. The cartoon is intended to make Dems and GOP look stupid. Ha Ha. How Funny.If you also laugh at Trump from being fascist narcissistic moron the landed on home and truly believes he hit a home run. Then ok it is a joke.However, like all good jokes there as to be an element of truth.I was pointing out the truth that both Trump and Netanyahu were “Fascist.” As the world takes a huge “Right Wing” tilt, I think it appropriate to point out fascism at every opportunity.The fact that many here do not see this world wide Fascist tilt lately demonstrates their selective perception.