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All Communication Lessons

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The Technology S-Curve

Understanding the S-Curve

Understanding the S-Curve will help you predict the future. (Updated August 2023)

Hayeks Biggest Ideas

F. A. Hayek's Biggest Ideas

This lesson discusses so of F. A. Hayek’s biggests ideas.

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Conservatives Beliefs June 2023

A post on titled "Don't Confuse 'Local Control' with Small Government" provided several examples of what conservatives get wrong about progressives. The post was about how a conservative city Huntington Beach, is challenging the state's recent housing...

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Correlation Between Money and Happiness

I found this post on Bloomberg interesting. It supports the belief that having money is important for many reasons, including happiness. Having money takes worry out your life. It takes money to live so having it is important. Here is that post. We need to discuss...

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7 National Conservativism Beliefs

The third annual National Conservatism Conference was held Sept. 11-13, 2022. Here are 7 "Beliefs" as reported by the Daily Signal - 7 Highlights from National Conservatism Conference. Sen. Josh Hawley: ‘The American Revolution Is a Continuation of the Revolution of...

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Hayekian behavioral economics

In a recent post, Cass Sunstein suggested that Behavior Economics somehow invalidates F. A. Hayek.  I disagree.  Using Fractal Thinking, Behavior Economics is perfectly aligned with Hayek and other important economic thinkers like Adam Smith....

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Behavioral Economics

What Is Behavioral Economics? Behavioral economics is, in a way, at the intersection of economics and psychology. In fact, the "behavioral" in behavioral economics can be thought of as the analog of the "behavioral" in behavioral psychology. On one hand, traditional...

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A Unique 21st Century Approach to Learning and Teaching

Lifelong & Personalized Learning

Classes have no end date.  Once enrolled in a class, you stay enrolled for your lifetime, you can always go back and refresh your learning or see what is new on the topic.  Also, you are provided a “Personal Dashboard” that changes as the class is updated or your learning needs change.

Educational Blockchains

We use A-Keys and Blockchains to help ensure the underlying information is verified and your content is protected.  Blockchains contain verifications and the “Authority” of the verifier, allowing the learner to better value information.

Cloud Based Learning Library

We use the latest Artificial Intelligence algorithms to aggregate & curate content from internal & external sources. This creates a powerful real-time repository for all the potential learning available to you.  The Learning Library is personalized for the learner and updated dynamically to deliver the best learning at the best time.

Knowledge and testing Separation

Knowledge Assessment Only As Needed

We separate knowledge acquisition from knowledge assessment.  This greatly reduces the cost of learning, because you then only test for those critical skills that you need to be sure you’ve mastered.  It also reduces instructor biases in the assessment process.


Why Learn With Us?


Your Privacy is Protected Through the Use of A-Keys

Every member of the Learning Network is assigned a secret A-Key.  This helps protect their privacy.

Class Sizes Are Limited

In order to get to know your classmates, classes are kept very small.  But, all classes are linked though the @lantis Learning Network (ALN) so learning is greatly enhanced.

No End Date to Classes

Once you’re enrolled in a class you stay enrolled forever.  This is so you can go back and learn new stuff.  And, this allows you to add your voice to the class by adding content it to make the class better.  Each classes is a mini learning communities.


Classes Based On Your Personal Profile

All your learning is driven by your goals.  

Content Is Protected Through Educational Blockchains

All content in the Library has a “Blockchain” attached.  This protects the content from misuse and adds value to the content.

Key Benefits of our Learning Network

Full Ownership & Control of Original Content

Learning Network members are given A-keys and assigned Tokens to ensure they always have full control of where and how their personal data and created IP are used.

Information Always up to Date

Information in the Learning Network Library is automatically updated across all Learning Communities, so it’s always up to date.

Increasing Network Value

The larger the Learning network grows the more value it delivers to everyone in the network.  Value is increased by adding new high quality original content.

Seamless Signups & Networking

Learners save time by: 1) not having to sign up to different learning web sites and 2) having the learning flow seamlessly to the learner when the learner needs it.

Maintain Your Learning Across Multiple Communities

Learners reviews, reputation and learning history is maintained across all the other @lantis learning communities.

Instant Access to the Most Actionable Learning

Users connected to the our Learning Network have instant access to a growing wealth of information.

Why we do it

Reason one

Because we believe there is just too much information for only one person to process. We need ALL of us to share information in ways it benefits us ALL.

Reason two

Confirmation Bias, Selective Perception, Motivated Reasoning, and Linguistic/Cultural Bias are things that can affect our thinking. We need information from different viewpoints so we can improve our aggregate critical thinking skills.

Still not convinced? Here is another one:

Reason three

Because we believe education can and should be cheaper.  We want to reduce the net cost to the community to stay current and teach knowledge and wisdom to the next generations.